Alphabots ABC

Alphabets ABC

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Alphabots is a fun and intuitive educational app that will aid your child in learning the alphabet and developing language and cognitive skills.

Alphabots provides a fun learning environment that engages the child with tried and tested learning techniques.

6 activities. Each activity has 26 unique and delightfully fun animations.

Six fun and engaging ways to learn:

• LEARN: ABC Flashcards to get your child started recognizing letters and learning the Alphabet.

• FIND: Letter identification game helps to test your child’s ABC knowledge. Multiple letters are shown and the voiceover asks your child to find a specific letter.

• BUILD: Jigsaw Puzzle based game, helps your child’s mind and cognitive development and enhancement of Fine Motor Skills

• TURN: Block turning game helps to build letter recognition through fun and interactive puzzles (turning squares) and Hand-Eye Coordination

• SLIDE: Slide the pieces to create robot letter characters. This game helps children developing effective problem solving skill.

• SPELL: Spelling game introduces your child to the basics of word creation using letters.
Special Features:
• All letter and word are fully interactive and narrated
• 26 fun interactive robot animations and sound effects
• Kid are awarded different numbers of stars depending on how well they perform a task, helping a child learn to improve.
• Includes both Uppercase and Lowercase letters
• Kid protected: no external links without a parent approval
• No personal information requested or held
• No In-App purchases
• No Ads

What Will Your Child Learn:
1. Early Foundations of Language
2. How to Recognize, Read and Pronounce Upper and Lower Case Letters
3. Letter Shapes and Structure Recognition
4. Hand-Eye Coordination
5. Fine Motor Skills
6. Problem Solving
7. Memory Enhancement


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